I've successfully defended over 200 foreclosure cases with results of court dismissals, judgments vacated, or settlements by loan modification programs. If you need a foreclosure defense attorney, especially for foreclosure defense in Cleveland or Cuyahoga County, call (440) 306-6004. You only get one chance to defend yourself against the home foreclosure process. I may be able to help stop foreclosure and file a counterclaim for damages against the bank.

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I've been negotiating loan modifications with principal reductions since 2011.

I've gotten modifications for clients who have been denied by their mortgage servicer prior to hiring me.

OHIO foreclosure defense attorney. 

Don'T LET the big banks foreclose on you. CALL (440) 306-6004. 



I've successfully gotten judgments of foreclosure reversed on appeal. I am experienced writing briefs in all 12 appellate districts in Ohio, in the Supreme Court of Ohio and in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.  

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Tip the scale in your favor by hiring me to file an Answer with strong affirmative defenses and counterclaims.